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Warming Mandala Fleece Throw Blanket

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Snuggle up and feel the warmth as you relax in your favorite spot! 

As the cold breeze of holiday approaches, it is great to have a company to keep you warmed and relaxed. A great piece to snuggle would be a thick blanket just like the Warming Mandala Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket!

The Warming Mandala Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket is made with Sherpa Fleece. Sherpa fleece is a fabric made of polyester, acrylic, and cotton that resembles just like the clothes of Sherpas in Nepal. It mimics the texture of a sheep's wool that protects the animal from extreme cold. 

Added to fully experience the great insulation of sherpa fleece, is another layer of fabric with a mandala print. Mandala is a sacred symbol that represents the universe or as a guide to many practices that exist in many Asian traditions such as meditation. It serves as a reminder that every suffering can be transformed into happiness and joy.

The Warming Mandala Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanketis a perfect piece to give you warmth and relaxation especially during the cold season!

✔️Pattern: Printed
✔️Shape: Rectangle
✔️Type: Sherpa Blanket
✔️Material: Sherpa Fleece
✔️Weight: 0.5

  • 150cmx200cm 

✔️Washing Tips: Hand Wash
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