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3D Mandala Throw Blanket

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Snuggling in a comfy, warm and relaxing sheet blanket is one way of loosening up all the stress from work or school. A thick, soft and pretty blanket just like this 3D Mandala Throw Blanketis the perfect piece for you!

The 3D Mandala Throw Blanket is a comforter made of Sherpa Fleece with an additional design of the Mandala. Sherpa fleece is made of polyester, acrylic, and cotton. It is named after the Sherpa people of Nepal due to its resemblance to their clothing. It is a fabric known to keep you insulated enough without being too bulky. 

The 3D Mandala Throw Blanket is a pretty protective and comfort layer that is a perfect piece to give you the best relaxing feeling after days of work and school!

✔️Shape: Rectangle
✔️Type: Sherpa Blanket
✔️Wash Style: Hand Wash
✔️Material: Sherpa Fleece
✔️Weight: 0.5
✔️Size: 180cmx150cm, 150cmx130cm
✔️Washing Tips: Hand Wash
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Bring home your 3D Mandala Throw Blanket now and stay cozy and comfy together with your family!

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